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If you know me at all, you know I like to be a bit different. Not in a weird way (although sometimes), but in a way that doesn’t like to conform, or feel like I have to fit in a certain box, or just do things because “that’s the way it’s always been done or that’s what everyone else does.”

That is also my approach to photography and my business. And now, my approach to the products I give my clients.

Regular albums are everywhere. Every photographer gives them to their clients. They’re commoditized.

But more importantly, they’re bound.

They tell a story, yes, but they’re story has an end. Your story is still being written. It doesn’t end on your wedding day, or from one photography session.

That’s why, what I’m offering you is unbound. You can add to it, add other objects other than photographs, and it will last. For you and future generations.

And because, what I’m offering, is just cooler.

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What I’m offering is a collection of beautifully handcrafted, Amish-made boxes to fill with your collection of prints, nestled in beautiful fabric and protected by a leather satchel.

++++++++++THE EPIC BOX++++++++++

The Epic, is the largest of all heirloom boxes. It’s what is shown above, and includes a large 12×14 leather satchel for prints, a smaller 6.5×5 leather satchel for prints, 8 vials to hold small bits&pieces of memories, like the perfume/cologne from your wedding day, pieces of flowers from your bouquet, and handmade paper and envelopes to write down letters to each other or memories you want to remember. You may also choose to engrave the top, or have the lid be a wooden frame.

More photos of The Epic Box below:

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++++++++++THE RAD BOX++++++++++

The Rad is just as beautiful as The Epic, only smaller. It comes with a 6.5×5 leather satchel for prints, 5 glass vials, and handmade paper and envelopes.

As you can see in the photos below, The Rad is deeeep. There is plenty of room to add special items from your wedding day, or if for a family, little things from your children you want to keep forever, collections, mementos from vacations, anything at all.

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++++++++++THE AWESOME BOX++++++++++

Last, but not at all least. The smallest heirloom box. The Awesome. This little guy is, just as its name suggests, awesome. With this box you receive, 3 glass vials, and fabric wraps for your prints. The Awesome has room for 50-100 5×7 or 4×6 prints. This is perfect for an engagement session, family session, or even your wedding day, to keep your most cherished photos beautifully protected and presented.

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//You are given the option to choose the finish of each box + also the option to engrave\\


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