2014 >>> The Business Side

On New Years Eve, Courtney and I had a day of business talk, exploring/adventuring, and obviously taking photos…

You guys! I am sooo flippin’ excited for what 2014 holds, business wise. I changed my pricing structure in June of 2013 for all of those who were requesting 2014 wedding dates. Not only did prices change, but they now reflect an entire different type of business model. One that I am super proud of and can’t wait to put into action with my 2014 weddings! If you remember, these (PRODUCTS) were introduced last year and now almost all of my 2014 brides&grooms will be getting one, full of pretty, printed photographs & much more. I’m thrilled to be offering something I love so much as these beautiful, handmade wooden boxes with prints.

This year, I’m also going to really focus on staying true to myself, in terms of style, creativity, and overall *look+feel* of my photographs. Don’t worry, I’m not drastically changing anything. I’m just going to push myself a little more, try more new things, and really help create (along with all of my wonderful clients) images that I am really proud of and truly reflect my business. Hopefully you’re ok with that 🙂

There will also be a few more little things added here and there, (current 2014 brides–be checking your mailboxes soon for a little surprise!), and I will report on those as they come… or they will just be little secrets between my clients and me… (insert evil laugh)…

Now… For a really, fun new thing!


In case you were wondering, or couldn’t tell, I like things that are a little unique, a LOT creative, ok and maybe a little bit quirky… That being said, this year I am creating a bucket list of ideas that I would love to see at weddings that I photograph, and if you’re wedding includes any one of these things, I will offer you an exclusive discount! Here’s the list as of now: (I may add things as I think of them…)

> an out of state wedding on the west (from colorado on) or east coast that involve mountains, unique coastline, the desert… (just super spectacular landscape!)

> an outdoor, woodland OR rustic field wedding lit by lanterns, candles, and cafe lights (no tent)

> a wedding with alternative&unique food, or food trucks

> alternative&stylish groom/groomsmen attire, i.e. not rental suits, mismatched outfits

> a bride with a designer/couture/really unique wedding dress & shoes

> a bride wearing a floral crown

> a colorful, modern, geometric themed wedding, or colorful, whimsical, confetti themed wedding

> a rooftop wedding in the city (can also include urban city loft)

> a wedding with a celebrity in attendance or part of the bridal party

That’s it for now! If you know anyone engaged who may be having a unique and creative wedding, send them my way… You will get a super, sweet prize for doing so if they book me! 🙂

Here’s a little Pinterest page I put together to help with wedding day inspiration.


I will leave you with a few photos from our exploring day. And no, we did not plan to wear essentially the same shirt, it just always happens.

2014-01-07_0003 2014-01-07_0004 2014-01-07_0006 2014-01-07_0007 2014-01-07_0008 2014-01-07_0009 2014-01-07_0010 2014-01-07_0011 2014-01-07_0012 2014-01-07_0013

Products + A GIVEAWAY

If you know me at all, you know I like to be a bit different. Not in a weird way (although sometimes), but in a way that doesn’t like to conform, or feel like I have to fit in a certain box, or just do things because “that’s the way it’s always been done or that’s what everyone else does.”

That is also my approach to photography and my business. And now, my approach to the products I give my clients.

Regular albums are everywhere. Every photographer gives them to their clients. They’re commoditized.

But more importantly, they’re bound.

They tell a story, yes, but they’re story has an end. Your story is still being written. It doesn’t end on your wedding day, or from one photography session.

That’s why, what I’m offering you is unbound. You can add to it, add other objects other than photographs, and it will last. For you and future generations.

And because, what I’m offering, is just cooler.

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

What I’m offering is a collection of beautifully handcrafted, Amish-made boxes to fill with your collection of prints, nestled in beautiful fabric and protected by a leather satchel.

++++++++++THE EPIC BOX++++++++++

The Epic, is the largest of all heirloom boxes. It’s what is shown above, and includes a large 12×14 leather satchel for prints, a smaller 6.5×5 leather satchel for prints, 8 vials to hold small bits&pieces of memories, like the perfume/cologne from your wedding day, pieces of flowers from your bouquet, and handmade paper and envelopes to write down letters to each other or memories you want to remember. You may also choose to engrave the top, or have the lid be a wooden frame.

More photos of The Epic Box below:

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

++++++++++THE RAD BOX++++++++++

The Rad is just as beautiful as The Epic, only smaller. It comes with a 6.5×5 leather satchel for prints, 5 glass vials, and handmade paper and envelopes.

As you can see in the photos below, The Rad is deeeep. There is plenty of room to add special items from your wedding day, or if for a family, little things from your children you want to keep forever, collections, mementos from vacations, anything at all.

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

++++++++++THE AWESOME BOX++++++++++

Last, but not at all least. The smallest heirloom box. The Awesome. This little guy is, just as its name suggests, awesome. With this box you receive, 3 glass vials, and fabric wraps for your prints. The Awesome has room for 50-100 5×7 or 4×6 prints. This is perfect for an engagement session, family session, or even your wedding day, to keep your most cherished photos beautifully protected and presented.

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

View More: http://kesterimagery.pass.us/hhb

//You are given the option to choose the finish of each box + also the option to engrave\\

———————>  And now, the giveaway! <——————–

Because I love all of you guys so incredibly much, and because I love these products a heck of a lot, too… I want to give you an opportunity to get one!


What you win:

One lucky winner will receive a free 1-hour photo session with me + a credit for 50% off the Awesome Box! (total value of $300)

Here’s how you enter:

First, you must be a fan of my Facebook business page, meaning you’ve “liked” it.


If you haven’t “liked” my page, all you have to do is head on over there and do so: https://www.facebook.com/daniellecastlephotography

OK, now really, how to enter:

1. Write a little something nice about me on your Facebook timeline, tagging my business page.

2. Share a photo on your timeline from my business page that you love, with a few kind words, again tagging my business page.

3. Pin one of my photos from this blog (at the end of every post is a place that says “share this” with an option to pin an image), with the caption describing the type of photo + Danielle Castle Photography. For example, Engagement Photos by Danielle Castle Photography. You may add to that as well.

4. Instagram a photo of mine from my business page, tagging @daniellecastle, and mentioning Danielle Castle Photography. Again, with kind words 🙂

 You can do one of these options, or all four, and each time you do so, it gives you a better chance to win! Just make sure you come back to this blog post and paste a link (with either your Facebook or Pinterest page, I will see your Instagram if you tag me) in the comment section so I can see your entry. You may do this as many times as possible!

And think about this… Maybe YOU don’t need a photo session in the next few months, but you can win this for a friend! Birthday, anniversary, baby on the way? Offer this as a gift and you will be like, the best ever!

Winner will be announced in ten days!

Woohoo!! Good luck! 🙂

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered, by, or associated with Facebook. You understand you are providing your information to the owner of the Facebook page and not to Facebook.

You must book your session in 2013 and location will be of my choice. So you probably want to be local 🙂