Alex+Dan: A Simple, Traditional Wedding

I have known the bride since childhood. We were such great friends and neighbors and some of my favorite and most cherished memories have her by my side, so I was absolutely thrilled to be able to be by her side and photograph her wedding day.

It was a super hot, August day, but that did not stop us from getting out there in the heat and taking some beautiful photos. Although we did seek shelter to cool off after a bit 🙂 She had so many great details at the reception and we even had a pig roast! …word of warning if you don’t want to see a whole, roasted pig, you may want to view this blog post with one eye closed… I had to include a photo of it though, right?!

Ok, on to the photos…

2014-10-01_0017 2014-10-01_0018 2014-10-01_0019 2014-10-01_0020 2014-10-01_0021 2014-10-01_0022 2014-10-01_0023 2014-10-01_0024 2014-10-01_0025 2014-10-01_0026 2014-10-01_0027 2014-10-01_0029 2014-10-01_0030 2014-10-01_0033 2014-10-01_0034


2014-10-01_0031 2014-10-01_0032 2014-10-01_0035 2014-10-01_00362014-10-01_00372014-10-01_00382014-10-01_00392014-10-01_00402014-10-01_00432014-10-01_00442014-10-01_00452014-10-01_00462014-10-01_00472014-10-01_00482014-10-01_00492014-10-01_00502014-10-01_00522014-10-01_00532014-10-01_00542014-10-01_00552014-10-01_00562014-10-01_00572014-10-01_00582014-10-01_00592014-10-01_00612014-10-01_00622014-10-01_00632014-10-01_00642014-10-01_00652014-10-01_00662014-10-01_00672014-10-01_00682014-10-01_00692014-10-01_00702014-10-01_00712014-10-01_00722014-10-01_00742014-10-01_00752014-10-01_00762014-10-01_00772014-10-01_00782014-10-01_00792014-10-01_00802014-10-01_00812014-10-01_00822014-10-01_00832014-10-01_00842014-10-01_00852014-10-01_00862014-10-01_00872014-10-01_00882014-10-01_00892014-10-01_00902014-10-01_00912014-10-01_00922014-10-01_00932014-10-01_00942014-10-01_00952014-10-01_00962014-10-01_0097


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