Rowland Family: Family Session at Shaw Nature Reserve

I was absolutely thrilled when Charis asked me to photograph her cute, little family. She’s a photographer as well, and I LOVE her work, so it truly was a compliment to be asked. She also had the brilliant idea to go to Shaw Nature Reserve for their session. I had never been, but I completely trusted her judgement and it did not disappoint. It actually made me feel like I was somewhere other than the midwest at times. She also wanted me to take some head shots for her, that is why you will see some with just her beautiful self.

Anyway… I LOVED this session sooo… check em’ out! 🙂2014-09-30_0009 2014-09-30_0010 2014-09-30_0011 2014-09-30_0012 2014-09-30_0013 2014-09-30_0014 2014-09-30_0015 2014-09-30_0016 2014-09-30_0017 2014-09-30_0018 2014-09-30_0019 2014-09-30_0021 2014-09-30_0022 2014-09-30_0023 2014-09-30_0024

2014-09-30_00392014-09-30_0026 2014-09-30_0027 2014-09-30_0028 2014-09-30_0029 2014-09-30_0030 2014-09-30_0031 2014-09-30_0032 2014-09-30_0033 2014-09-30_0034 2014-09-30_0035 2014-09-30_0036 2014-09-30_0037 2014-09-30_0038


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