Simple, At-Home, Newborn Session in St. Louis

These simple, at-home newborn sessions are my absolute favorite way to photograph newborns. These types of photos really let the baby shine through and be the focus. We had to photograph this little guy two different days because he wasn’t quite sure about the whole, “sleeping and being real still while a stranger stares at me with a giant, black object clicking at my face,” kinda thing, but he ended up pulling it together and being a great little model. And a really cute, adorable one at that.

Meet baby Reid:

2014-09-02_0001 2014-09-02_0002 2014-09-02_0003 2014-09-02_0004 2014-09-02_0005 2014-09-02_0006 2014-09-02_0007 2014-09-02_0008 2014-09-02_0009 2014-09-02_0010 2014-09-02_0011 2014-09-02_0012 2014-09-02_0014 2014-09-02_0015 2014-09-02_0016 2014-09-02_0017 2014-09-02_0018 2014-09-02_0019


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