Kaitlin+Travis: A Cloudy, Grey, Farmland Engagement Session

Kaitlin and Travis stumbled upon this spot one evening around sunset and thought it was so beautiful and would be perfect for their engagement session. I always get so excited when clients find locations on their own, especially ones that are more private and away from the crowds. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the sunset they were hoping for, but sometimes a cloudy, grey sky gives your session a bit of moodiness that I just love.

Here’s a quick little sneak peek into their engagement session. Can’t wait for their downtown, city wedding in Aug. 2015!

2014-06-27_0001 2014-06-27_0002 2014-06-27_0003 2014-06-27_0004 2014-06-27_0005

2014-06-27_0018 2014-06-27_0006 2014-06-27_0007 2014-06-27_0008 2014-06-27_0009 2014-06-27_0010 2014-06-27_0011 2014-06-27_0012 2014-06-27_0013 2014-06-27_0014 2014-06-27_0015

2014-06-27_0017 2014-06-27_0016


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