Megan + Micah: A Lakeside Wedding at Sunset

Megan and Micah had a lovely outdoor wedding. Their ceremony was overlooking a small lake and was planned at the perfect time of day with the sun just about to set. (light and direction of the sun are super important things to know/discuss with your photographer for perfect outdoor ceremony photos!) Then once it was time for portraits and the reception, the sun was setting, leaving the most beautiful orange glow throughout the photos.

I loved being a part of this wedding. It was easily one of the most beautiful ceremony views I’ve gotten a chance to photograph and watching Megan, Micah, and Megan’s son Jayden officially become a little family was so sweet. I also flew solo on this wedding and photographed the entire thing myself. While it definitely wouldn’t work, or be as easy, with every wedding… having the openness of being outside and being able to run back and forth with plenty of room to capture each side and moment of the ceremony myself was doable in this case.

As always, I try and capture the day as it is truly unfolding. Capture the feelings and emotions of that day and relaying them in the photographs. I hope you enjoy this little window into their wedding day. It really was a beautiful day.

2014-06-02_0001 2014-06-02_0002 2014-06-02_0003 2014-06-02_0004 2014-06-02_0005

2014-06-02_0011 2014-06-02_0006 2014-06-02_0007 2014-06-02_0008 2014-06-02_0009 2014-06-02_0010 2014-06-02_0012 2014-06-02_0013 2014-06-02_0014 2014-06-02_0015 2014-06-02_0016 2014-06-02_00172014-06-02_00232014-06-02_00242014-06-02_00252014-06-02_00262014-06-02_00272014-06-02_00282014-06-02_00292014-06-02_00302014-06-02_00312014-06-02_00322014-06-02_00332014-06-02_00342014-06-02_00352014-06-02_00362014-06-02_00372014-06-02_00382014-06-02_00392014-06-02_00402014-06-02_00412014-06-02_00422014-06-02_00432014-06-02_00442014-06-02_00452014-06-02_00462014-06-02_00472014-06-02_00482014-06-02_00492014-06-02_00502014-06-02_00512014-06-02_00522014-06-02_00532014-06-02_00542014-06-02_00552014-06-02_00562014-06-02_00572014-06-02_00582014-06-02_00592014-06-02_00602014-06-02_00612014-06-02_00622014-06-02_00632014-06-02_00642014-06-02_00652014-06-02_00662014-06-02_00672014-06-02_00682014-06-02_00692014-06-02_00702014-06-02_00712014-06-02_00722014-06-02_00732014-06-02_00742014-06-02_00782014-06-02_00792014-06-02_00802014-06-02_00752014-06-02_00762014-06-02_0077


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