Heneghan Family Spring Session

I love when I get the chance to photograph some of my old kiddos from the preschool. I miss them all so much and love getting to hang out with them again.

I met them at their house and we walked to the perfect location that they picked out. I LOVE when my clients pick out their own location because it usually is something personal to them and really helps make their photo session their own.

They also invited me for ice cream afterwards so that’s always a plus too :)

2014-05-09_0001 2014-05-09_0002 2014-05-09_0003 2014-05-09_0004 2014-05-09_0005 2014-05-09_0006 2014-05-09_0007 2014-05-09_0008 2014-05-09_0009 2014-05-09_0010 2014-05-09_0012 2014-05-09_0013 2014-05-09_0014 2014-05-09_0015 2014-05-09_0016 2014-05-09_0017 2014-05-09_0018 2014-05-09_0019

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