Baby Vivi: An In-Home Newborn Session

Oh, sweet little Vivi… She was about two weeks old when I visited her home for her newborn session. She had only been home for less than a week after being adopted domestically, but she was settled in, calm, and incredibly lovely. She was such a dream to photograph.

Now that she has stolen my heart and put my baby fever completely over the edge, allow me to introduce her to you…

Meet Vivi, the girl with the rockstar hair.

2014-03-27_0020 2014-03-27_0021 2014-03-27_0022 2014-03-27_0023 2014-03-27_0024 2014-03-27_0025 2014-03-27_0026 2014-03-27_0027 2014-03-27_0028 2014-03-27_0029 2014-03-27_0030 2014-03-27_0031 2014-03-27_0032 2014-03-27_0033 2014-03-27_0034

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