A Snowy, Winter Portrait Session

Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold. This day was the absolute coldest cold I have experienced in awhile.

Snow covered ground, ice covered river, blowing winds, and 10 degrees. Perfect day for a session, right?!

Well, I had an idea in my head for a photo and could not let a little cold weather stop me. Deborah graciously agreed to be my model for the day and while we only lasted a whole 15 minutes, she did an amazingly awesome job.

Here are some of my favorite images from the session. Prepare to have major hair envy.


2014-02-11_0007 2014-02-11_0003 2014-02-11_0004


You all know I LOVE a good hair flip :)2014-02-11_0008


3 thoughts on “A Snowy, Winter Portrait Session

  1. Wow 10 degrees! That is cold! Great job during the 15 minutes of shooting you did. I remember not to long ago during an editorial shoot telling the model that I wanted it to be cold during the photo session to help out with the overall “mood.” Hmmmmm I think we are going to rethink that next time :)

    • Thanks! Yea, I love the moodiness the cold, grey sky adds to photos… if only it didn’t have to be that cold though! Happy shooting! :)

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