Indoor Lifestyle Children’s Session

Earlier last month I had the chance to baby sit some of my nephews and niece and thought it would be fun to photograph them every once in a while while they were playing. No staging or rules. I didn’t even fix their hair or wipe their faces :) Just kids being kids.

I absolutely looove and recommend every family getting lifestyle sessions. What an amazing thing to be able to have your family or just your kids, documented in their everyday routine, everyday life, just as you would want to look back and remember them as you, and they, get older.

So we, or I should say they, spent the whole day in footie pajamas, playing with toys, coloring, watching movies, and I just took a few minutes every now and then to capture it.

2014-02-03_0001 2014-02-03_0002 2014-02-03_0003 2014-02-03_0004 2014-02-03_0005 2014-02-03_0006 2014-02-03_0007 2014-02-03_0008 2014-02-03_0009 2014-02-03_0010 2014-02-03_0011 2014-02-03_0012 2014-02-03_0013 2014-02-03_0014 2014-02-03_0015 2014-02-03_0016 2014-02-03_0017 2014-02-03_0018 2014-02-03_0019 2014-02-03_0020 2014-02-03_0021

Contact me to set up your own lifestyle session with your family! Here is my Pinterest page of inspiration for lifestyle sessions to help better understand how we can use this type of session to suit your family the best:

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