Box Family: 6 month & 2 year old photos

I love that I get to photograph these guys at every stage. I photographed them this past Summer, and now it’s time for their 6 month photos, and 2 year old photos. Can’t wait for the Spring when I take the next set 🙂

2013-11-12_0021 2013-11-12_0022 2013-11-12_0023 2013-11-12_0024 2013-11-12_0025 2013-11-12_0026 2013-11-12_0027 2013-11-12_0028 2013-11-12_0029 2013-11-12_0030 2013-11-12_0031 2013-11-12_0032 2013-11-12_0033 2013-11-12_0034


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