Adeline’s Fall Session at Faust Park

This was one of my favorite sessions I’ve done in a while. And it’s not just because little Adeline is absolutely adorable. She got to explore, play, occasionally smile for the camera 🙂 and just be a little kid. These are the best kinds of sessions because it truly shows the child’s personality and while sometimes the photo turns out blurry or gets cropped wrong, I got to capture a real moment, and to me that makes the imperfect photos perfect.

Meet precious Adeline.

2013-10-21_0005 2013-10-21_0006 2013-10-21_0007 2013-10-21_0008 2013-10-21_0009 2013-10-21_0010 2013-10-21_0011 2013-10-21_0012 2013-10-21_0013 2013-10-21_0014 2013-10-21_0015 2013-10-21_0016 2013-10-21_0017 2013-10-21_0018 2013-10-21_0019 2013-10-21_0020 2013-10-21_0021 2013-10-21_0022 2013-10-21_0023 2013-10-21_0024 2013-10-21_0025 2013-10-21_0026 2013-10-21_0027 2013-10-21_0028 2013-10-21_0029 2013-10-21_0030 2013-10-21_0031 2013-10-21_0032 2013-10-21_0033 2013-10-21_0034 2013-10-21_0035 2013-10-21_0036 2013-10-21_0037 2013-10-21_0038 2013-10-21_0039


One thought on “Adeline’s Fall Session at Faust Park

  1. I could never be able to choose the “best one”, because they are all adorable!! I am somewhat prejudiced, since Rob is my nephew, and I admit to already thinking they are a great-looking family. Still, when it comes right down to it, how could ANYONE not like every single one of these photos? Love the photos and love the family!!! Thanks!!!

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