Sneed Family: Family Session at Faust Park

I love that I keep getting to photograph families from the preschool I worked at. They are all so special to me and this one is no exception. What makes this family even more special to me is that I lived next door to the mom’s parents house from the time I was 9 until I got married. So it was really cool when I had their little boy, Landon, in my class at the preschool.  Not only is he super cute, but he was seriously one of the most well behaved, sweetest little boys. His big sister is just as sweet and has the prettiest blue eyes. They could both be little models, no joke. They posed and smiled and took direction like pros. Definitely one of my easiest family sessions ever.

2013-10-08_0002 2013-10-08_0003 2013-10-08_0004 2013-10-08_0005 2013-10-08_0006 2013-10-08_0007 2013-10-08_0008 2013-10-08_0009 2013-10-08_0010 2013-10-08_0011 2013-10-08_0012 2013-10-08_0013 2013-10-08_0014 2013-10-08_0015 2013-10-08_0016 2013-10-08_0017 2013-10-08_0018 2013-10-08_0019 2013-10-08_0020 2013-10-08_0021 2013-10-08_0022 2013-10-08_0023 2013-10-08_0024 2013-10-08_0025 2013-10-08_0026 2013-10-08_0027 2013-10-08_0028 2013-10-08_0029


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