Wyss Family Sunset Session

I absolutely adore this family. They are just as sweet&kind as they are beautiful and I had the oldest daughter, Emma, in one of my classes when I worked at the preschool. She is such an awesome little lady and actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was little. Her little sister Avery kept me on my toes the whole time (you can’t keep a toddler in one place for too long!), but was absolutely precious and kept running straight to my camera, arms out, wanting me to hold her. I, of course, had to finally give in (did you see how cute she is?!)… nothing like photographing an almost 5 year old while holding a 1 year old 🙂2013-10-01_0007 2013-10-01_0008 2013-10-01_0009

<< because when you’re 4,  you dance without abandon in the sunshine. >>2013-10-01_0010 2013-10-01_0011 2013-10-01_0012 2013-10-01_0013 2013-10-01_0014 2013-10-01_0015 2013-10-01_0016 2013-10-01_0017 2013-10-01_0018 2013-10-01_0019 2013-10-01_0020 2013-10-01_0021 2013-10-01_0022 2013-10-01_0023 2013-10-01_0024 2013-10-01_0025

They are getting ready to celebrate their 10 year anniversary so we thought we’d take some photos to commemorate with a few things to honor how they met, in the marching band at Mizzou.


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