Thomas + Karalynn: Engagement Session at St. Louis Art Museum & SLU

Thomas & Karalynn met in Madrid, Spain while studying abroad and love traveling, so they wanted a more historical/architectural type feel for the beginning of their session.

So, we started off outside the St. Louis Art Museum and then later headed to the baseball fields at Saint Louis University. They both attended SLU and have a huge love for the St. Louis Cardinals so they wanted to add that aspect into their session as well.

2013-07-02_0066 2013-07-02_0067 2013-07-02_0068 2013-07-02_0069 2013-07-02_0070 2013-07-02_0071 2013-07-02_0072 2013-07-02_0073 2013-07-02_0074 2013-07-02_0075 2013-07-02_0076 2013-07-02_0077 2013-07-02_0078 2013-07-02_0079 2013-07-02_0080

What can I say, I bring out the best in people 🙂 2013-07-02_0081 2013-07-02_0082


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