Ram + Saloni: Engagement Session at SLU & Forest Park in St. Louis

Ram + Saloni are just one of those couples.

One of those couple who you meet for the first time and immediately feel like you have been friends forever.

They are hilarious, gorgeous, and completely genuine.

We started the session at Saint Louis University where they met, and then headed to Forest Park right before the sun went down.

2013-07-02_0028 2013-07-02_0029 2013-07-02_0030 2013-07-02_0031 2013-07-02_0032 2013-07-02_0033 2013-07-02_0034 2013-07-02_0035 2013-07-02_0036 2013-07-02_0037 2013-07-02_0038 2013-07-02_0039 2013-07-02_0040 2013-07-02_0041 2013-07-02_0042 2013-07-02_0043 2013-07-02_0044 2013-07-02_0045 2013-07-02_0046 2013-07-02_0047 2013-07-02_0048 2013-07-02_0049 2013-07-02_0050 2013-07-02_0051 2013-07-02_0052 2013-07-02_0053

Love that they wanted to not only get a photo with me at the end, they wanted a photo of them taking a photo with me 🙂2013-07-02_0054


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