snapshots: iPhone style

Last week, as you saw, was Brandon and I’s two-year anniversary. We took a few days off work and had a little stay-cation.

Instead of blowing up your instagram feed, I snapped a few pics with my iPhone and kept them to myself, so I could share them with you all at once.

“Snapshots” is also going to be a regularly appearing feature here on the blog. Sometimes with the iPhone and sometimes with the big camera.

This one you saw if you follow me on instagram:

We started it all off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Nothing like a little friendly competition and pancakes to start the day off right. If you’ve never played that game before, you have to try to get as few of those golf tees as possible to be left by jumping over the other pieces and removing the piece you jump over (make sense?). We both got down to two that day… And then may or may not have gone back a couple of days later to try to have only one tee standing… And we did 🙂


The next day we went and ate at our favorite little Middle Eastern restaurant. Lots of weird sounding food, but it’s so good. I love the decorations and pillows around the booth, too!


We stayed down town after seeing a concert (Ellie Goulding!) and ate at a lovely coffeehouse & creperie for breakfast the next morning.


We walked around down town shopping and got caught in a little surprise snow storm… And I wished I had worn different shoes.


Coffee in bed delivered by my wonderful husband in the cutest little flower cup.


Little signs of Spring.


The rabbit outside our house my husband is trying to make friends with. I think it’s working. I sure can get awfully close.


Dinner & desserts with friends. Two different restaurants.. both involved jars.



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