life, lately.

Hello, friends.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new year. (Although, I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that.)

With the new year approaching, I figured it was a perfect time to make some changes around here. The first of which being my presence on this blog. I will be blogging a bit more & that will also include more personal posts. Not simply posts from previous photo sessions.

Hopefully this will help you all get to know me a little better. If you ever have any questions or topics of things you’d like to discuss feel free to email me, comment on here, or find me on Facebook.

Let’s just start this off by giving you a couple updates as to what’s been going on around here lately…

(I pulled these photos from instagram as a way to quickly get this post out, so please excuse the poor quality and repetitiveness if you already follow me on instagram. If you don’t and would like to my username is: daniellecastle. Original, I know.)


One of my weddings was featured on St. Louis Best Bridal and was also featured in the St. Charles newspaper in the Best Bridal section. This was super unexpected and humbling, but a great highlight to my first year of officially being in business. I’m definitely aiming high for this next year!


This little (and by little I mean huge, gigantic, bigger than my head) fellow is the latest member in my {camera} family. I’m planning on using this in quite a few of my wedding and family sessions. There’s nothing like getting a couple instant shots to take home with you that very same day.

And lastly,


I posted this photo on Instagram immediately after my last wedding, on December 15th, asking everyone to guess what they thought this was. I was actually using my Fujifilm instant camera to snap a shot of an image on my camera screen, which is why it’s so blurry. Despite the blurriness though, some were able to somewhat guess what it was. Here’s the actual photo:


I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year’s Eve tonight. Look for more updates and changes coming soon!

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