Ben’s 1st Birthday Session!

This was such a great session. Little Ben was so happy and smiley the whole time… which definitely made me and his parents happy too :)

We had so much fun playing and exploring the park that him and his family go to often. I always love when clients pick out locations that have special meaning to them. This session was on his actual 1st birthday too, so it was an extra special day. He even stood up by himself for the first time during our time together! So glad I was there to capture it!

The sun and fall colors were also on their best behavior that day. I love it when everything just falls into place perfectly <3 Enjoy!

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Standing up for the first time all by himself! He was so proud.2014-11-19_0028 2014-11-19_0029 2014-11-19_0030

Harness Family: Downtown St. Charles Family Session

This family is just the coolest, I had so much fun with them. How could you not have fun with two spunky little girls?! Their personality just comes out in their photographs… I’m sure you can tell :)

Hope you enjoy this little family session as much as I do. And make sure you make it to the end to see their fun accessories <3

2014-11-04_0003 2014-11-04_0004 2014-11-04_0005 2014-11-04_0006 2014-11-04_0007 2014-11-04_0008 2014-11-04_0009 2014-11-04_0010 2014-11-04_0011

2014-11-04_0019 2014-11-04_00122014-11-04_00202014-11-04_0021

2014-11-04_0013 2014-11-04_0014 2014-11-04_0015 2014-11-04_0016 2014-11-04_0017 2014-11-04_0018